Dream Center Swaziland
An International Dream Center is a community rising up in response to the greatest pain in a demographic. Our strategy to address this pain is to empower widows and orphans through training, feeding, and educating, without creating co-dependency. All aspects and needs necessary to equip the community and its individuals to succeed are provided through our International Dream Centers. This includes food, education, and housing. It is through such centers your heart and contribution to the (missions field/great commission/extending Christ’s kingdom globally) is accessible.
The Global Ministries Department has set specific criteria for the selection of our partners for an International Dream Center. (See www.facebook.com/gblministries for further information on the Global Matrix). Our first one is intentionally placed in the heart of Swaziland Africa, partnered with Children’s Hope Chest, and aided/supported by you!
Using the above matrix, Global Ministries has identified the community needs through the local church. Dependent upon the phase of development, the International Dream Center has ongoing needs and immediate project needs. 
Your role is in the development and continuation of the International Dream Center, and we have set key ways for you to be involved:
It is our hope that every NLC member has access to a missions experience, and it is through our International Dream Center that we have made that happen. For further questions, please contact Melissa Baker at mbaker@newlifechurch.org . You can join the Global Ministries family on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am – 10:30 am in the World Prayer Center (Rm 107) for Global Sunday School and hear from Mission’s Pastors, NLC Missionaries, and other strategic mission’s speakers.

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