New Life Church has a deep heritage of extending Christ’s kingdom to the ends of the earth through praying, giving, and sending. We embrace God’s decree that every nation, tribe, and tongue will worship before his throne and, subsequently, believe that missions exists because worship does not. Our body has embraced this mandate to take Christ to the nations as our divine call. We commit our time, talents, and treasure to this end and embrace a theologically sound and strategically relevant approach to accomplish the building of Christ’s kingdom globally.
We believe that we are part of God’s global army and that He has given us clear instructions regarding methodology, intentionality, and strategy from His scriptures.

To the Jew first

From Genesis to Revelation, God’s plan remains consistent to reveal Himself to all nations of the earth. He is truly the one true God for all peoples. The heartbeat of God and his pattern, or method for ministry, are inseparable. This divine pattern shows God’s heart to reveal Himself through the Jewish people to the nations of the world. We believe God’s heartbeat and pattern remain consistent, and, therefore, intentionally go to all nations by going to the Jew first. 

Going to the unreached

We endeavor to understand our times and to respond accordingly to take the gospel of Christ to the least-reached people groups of the world, especially those located in the geographical 10/40 window. The specific geographical areas of focus include, but are not limited to, the Middle East, China, Northern India, Central Asia, Sahel Northern Africa, South Africa, and Europe.

Church planting and training of National Leaders

The church is growing globally at an explosive rate with some strategists estimating more than 1 Billion people coming to faith in Christ in the next ten years. More than 2 million churches and pastors are needed for this rapid church growth. We believe, therefore, that it is critical to invest in the training of national church leaders and the planting of vibrant, life-giving churches around the world. 

Widows and Orphans

New Life Church is blessed to be a blessing.  Our desire is to freely give away what we have so freely received, starting with our neighbors and local community and then by extending to the ends of the earth. Widows, orphans, and the poor have a special place in our hearts.

Sanctity of Human Life

God has allowed New Life Church to be on the forefront of new concepts and critical issues. Today, the world faces unprecedented debate and confusion on the subject of the value and sanctity of life. Global Ministries will focus and invest our resources to save the unborn, halt human trafficking, and proclaim a stand against acts of genocide.

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